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Giotto' s Bell Tower



The History of The Bell Tower of the Cathedral. Also known as: Giotto's Bell Tower.

Constructed: 1334-1357

Giotto's Bell Tower was started in 1334 and finished in 1357. The 85-metre high Bell Tower stands in the Piazza San Giovanni, Florence, Italy.  This magnificent structure was the creation of three great architects; Giotto, father of the Italian Renaissance, designed the tower and died during its construction. In 1348, Andrea Pisano continued Giotto great work. The last three levels were built by Florentine architect Francesco Talenti.  The Bell-tower's unique facade consists of three distinctive colors of local Italian marbles. The tower has a solid square foundation with sturdy angular, octagonal fashioned pillars running the length of the building.

The bell tower of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florance, italy  was begun by Giotto in 1334 Detail of stone carving from Giotto's Bell Tower in Florance, Italy detail image on Giotto famous Bell Tower in Florence, Italy

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